Sunday, February 19, 2017

JoJo Greets Me and My Daughter

Hi All, It's a nice day the wind is coming from the Northeast creating fairly big waves but not bad! We have a boat full of friends that are along to hopefully meet the famous JoJo. I have my daughter who only comes once a year for about ten days. I introduced her to JoJo years ago the same way he introduces me to his dolphin friends. He remembers her very year! As we come through Leeward Channel, a boat makes the universal dolphin sign and points out past the opening of the channel. How lucky are our guests to find a dolphin within minutes of leaving the marina! JoJo swims up to our boat and gracefully glides into the wake. He wants to go up and down Grace bay numerous times. Many tour boats come by to show their tourists the famous dolphin. Eventually he branches off near the reef. It is murky but I think he may want to swim with us. I know my daughter is itching to see him. I get in and John points behind me. JoJo is waiting to greet me. Kristen, my daughter slips in. It takes a few minutes for JoJo to figure out it's her. He takes long look at her. He starts swimming with both of us a little way from the boat then back. I'm thinking I'll get out and leave them together for a while. Off they go like old friends going for a stroll! JoJo swims right beside her for a long time as they head toward the reef. Occasionally, he leaves her to surf a wave coming in. I decide to rejoin them and watch JoJo rolling gracefully in a beautiful patch of glistening white sand. As he starts to surf more waves which are getting bigger we decide to go back to Spy Hop. JoJo apparently likes this plan and beats us there. We climb in and JoJo wants to go back along the beach by the resorts. Kristen once again climbs in with him and he takes her for another magical swim from Seven Stars To Royal West Indies. The visibility is not very good the closer it gets to the shore. Kristen climbs out and we pick up JoJo and take him to the end of Pine Cay. I don't think my daughter could ask for a better first day in Turks!

JoJo Greeting me and My Daughter from Jay Sargent on Vimeo.

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