Monday, February 13, 2017

JoJo Takes a long Nap on The South Side

Hi All, The wind has come up for the second day and the water is rough. We take a quick look out front and don't see any dorsals. I'm thinking maybe the South Side will be better. We head back into Leeward channel. One of the "Island Vibes" boats flags us down, points toward the other end of the channel and yells that JoJo is in front of the Conch Farm. We go through the channel passing Leeward Marina where the water taxis call home. Right after the marina we slow down as we approach the Conch Farm. Luckily it is high tide so we can travel slowly without getting stuck. I see a dorsal and JoJo comes right to the boat. He gets in our wake and we head south past the wreck and continue on almost to the end of the island. The waves are getting bigger the farther out we go. JoJo starts branching off. We repeatedly pick him up but he doesn't seem to want to travel very far. I suggest stopping to see what he wants to do. He just hangs by the boat. He then starts to float with the waves that are traveling south, circles then does it again. His circle go right by our boat. He is in sleep mode. Dolphins rest half their brain while the other half tells them when to breath and watches for predators. JoJo usually takes short naps around our boat but today he stays in sleep mode for over an hour. I now notice he is starting to travel away from us. He has come out of sleep mode. We lose sight of him for a while then see him off in the distance. We head over and he flips upside down as we pass over him. This is his usual behavior when he's about to get in our wake. This time however he doesn't get in our wake and we can't spot him. Gone! Just like that. He has taken us to the South Side before to meet other dolphins but apparently today he just wanted to have snooze where he could count on peace and quiet!

JoJo In Sleep Mode from Jay Sargent on Vimeo.

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