Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Catch Up

Hi All, We are getting a very uncharacteristic late start. The super bowl had a lot to do with this! The sea is a little churned up today and there are bans of rain coming frequently. I think I'll use this as a catch up day! Last month we made a trip to French Cay on an absolutely lovely day. There was no wind the seas were totally flat. We met up with dolphins just as we were leaving and I have included video that includes the most wonderful noise of their surfacing. I get to hear the "pfffs" a lot it. They help me find them if the visibility in the water is poor like on this day.

pffffff-best noise ever from Jay Sargent on Vimeo.

Two days ago I was telling you about how JoJo Bo and Whizzer were just swimming around our boat perhaps hoping I'd get in with them.

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