Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Bo and Whizzer On A fishing Mission

Hi All, The wind seems to be calming down for the next few days much to my happiness. We are returning from our trip past the resorts. John spots some trash in the water as we approach Leeward and he's determined that we get it out of the water. This plastic bag is determined to stay where it is! After numerous passes with it floating just out of reach, I snag it. Ha! Perhaps we have saved a turtle from getting entangled with this bag. I look up and see a dolphin swimming by the boat. Now I see two dorsals. I'm thinking maybe it's a new mother and calf. Bo and Whizzer would normally come to the boat and surface in greeting. I get in and after catching up find Bo and Whizzer in travel mode. Bo is traveling pretty fast and is looking around. She carries her head up a little. She then swims down and scoots along the bottom on her side. She is hunting for fish. She takes some time out for stroking and caressing Whizzer. They are so affectionate.

Dolphins are Very Affectionate from Jay Sargent on Vimeo.

Bo leaves Whizzer with me as she goes off to fish. I think he was on assignment to fish as well. He checks out a conch shell and pushes it along the bottom, then chases a little fish around. He however takes a little time to swim with the human and blow a few nice big bubbles. I hear voices and look up to see a tour boat coming to watch. Whizzer circles around me a few times then swims down under their boat and leaves me. I'm quite sure Bo has called him back to her. She is trying to keep him focused on fishing. He will have to fend for himself in the not too distant future!

Whizzer On Assignment To Fish With a little Playing with Me from Jay Sargent on Vimeo.

They are back together fishing along the bottom. They come across a ballon fish and push it around a little. Apparently Bottlenose dolphins don't eat ballon fish but I've seen them play with them numerous times. They like to butt them with their rostrums. At times they appear to be having an underwater soccer game with the unfortunate ballon fish playing the soccer ball! Bo and Whizzer come to me she hangs vertically in the water with bubbles coming from her blow hole. I can hear her telling me something. I think maybe she wants to fish without a human perhaps getting in the way! I honor that and head back to Spy Hop. We leave them to continue their morning fish as we go off to find some whales.

Bo and whizzer want to fish alone! from Jay Sargent on Vimeo.

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