Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Anchor Line Scratch

Hi All, The wind is still up but luckily coming from the East. This helps to keep the waves down on the Grace Bay side of the island. We have invited David along on today's adventure. After traveling up and down the coast and even trying past the reef, we find JoJo who happily gets behind our boat. He now has his Uber ride for as long as he wants it! Numerous tour boats come by to view the famous JoJo as he surfaces behind Spy Hop. I'm hoping he may branch off and hang out somewhere so we can get in with him. As we approach Beaches resort with their many boats, our opportunity arises. JoJo has zeroed in on a dive boat anchored not far away. He swims over to get a good scratch on the anchor line. This is always a great time get in and swim with him. Speed is of the essence when the opportunity arises because it might not last long. I get in and David follows. We get to watch him scratching every part of his body as he turns and twists then flips over at the bottom of the line to do it again. He eventually tires of this and moves on I get to swim with him as he looks for another activity. He finds a dive boat heading out to sea. They are more than happy to slow down and let all the divers look at JoJo. JoJo impatiently swims behind waiting for them to motor off. David has gone back to the boat and I join him. He comments on how big JoJo is when you are beside him in the water. This is always everyone's comment when they first encounter JoJo from the water. Funny how the dolphins look small from the boat but so much bigger when you are beside them. Trust me, Jojo is every bit of 7 feet and although he's getting to be an old man he's still impressively strong and fast. We end our day with David practicing on the hydrofoil with hopes that JoJo will want to join him someday.

Anchor line Scratch from Jay Sargent on Vimeo.

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