Thursday, February 6, 2020

Whales dolphins and more dolphins!

Hi All, The sun is shining brilliantly and the wind has swung around to the East. David has joined us again for hopefully another cetacean filled day. We head to the fuel dock to be sure we have plenty of gas. There are lots of tour boats filling up. Everyone's joking around and discussing where they have seen whales!!! We want a full tank of gas because we plan to go to North West Point where many whales have been seen. We motor out Seller's cut and John notices most of the channel markers are gone. One really must know the water around here bacause not much is marked! The water turns a deep dark blue as we get farther out. John sees a spout and we try to get close enough for David to get in. He couldnt find the whale so he climbs back into Spy Hop. We see more whales but David wasn't able to find them when he got in. I decide I'll show them and put on my wetsuit. Kind of like yesterday the moment I have it on a pod of spotted dolphins come by! What is more fun than a spotted dolphin! David and I get in and swim beside them. They love it when I spin in circles with my scooter. They are of course the party dolphins! We get out and go back on the hunt for whales. They however seem more intersted in continueing their journey toward the Silver Bank than entertaining us. The Humpbacks make this journey from the North to have their calves and mate every year. I'm getting anxious about trying to find JoJ, Bo and Scooter. I have also heard there is a new calf and I want to know who the mother is. I figure they maybe near Pine Cay which is a long way from Northwest Point. John who is having a great spotting day spots another whale. Admittedly I'm sleeping in the back of the boat! We are having a banner whale sighting day they just aren't being interactive. As we motor around Pine Cay David sees JoJo and we go to see if he wants a ride. He gets in our wake and we take him to Grace Bay. Second day: dolphns, whales and Jojo how cool is that!

Spotted Dolphins from Jay Sargent on Vimeo.

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