Friday, February 14, 2020

Quality Time

HI All, I have somehow managed to get a nasty cold and cough. I Think I can at last try to find the dolphins and maybe swim for a while. I would hate to not try to find them again today seeing we found them yesterday. In years past Bo and swam almost everyday with whichever calf she had at the same time. We went only once up and down the coast before finding them. Once I got into the murky water and located them, they just stayed around me. Scooter of course flying in circles upside down around me as I spun in circles with my scooter. Bo seemed to just make bigger circles around both of us.I really feel she likes having my company perhaps another adult is nice to have around.i'm now really cold and feeling pretty crummy so we pack and leave our friends. I suggest going to the channels where we can get out of the wind. I take off my wetsuit and lie in the sun. We watch the turtles pop their heads up to breath. An occasional barracuda swims by looking for lunch.

Scooter Games from Jay Sargent on Vimeo.

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