Sunday, February 9, 2020


Hi All,
I have been swimming with JoJo for 21 years. He's picked me out of a crowd of over twenty admirers;he's brought me for magical swims through coral reefs; he's played bang the buoy with me; he's protected me from an angry dolphin; he's introduced me many of his pod members. Last year when he didn't choose to swim close to me I was worried he just didn't like me any more or he figured I now had other dolphins to swim with and he'd done his job. I was hoping it was that remora that just wouldn't get off him that was making him not want to swim close to me. David has joined us again. He is our official photographer. As we head out of the marina much to their delight the boys spot what looks like a bikini top hanging off the osprey nest! The water looks pretty flat as the sun twinkles off it. There is JoJo, just like old times waiting right at Leewad! He wants to go to Pine Cay. He has trained us well to take him where ever he wants. As we approach the reef at the end of Pine Cay he branches off but doesn't go far. I get in hoping to spend some time with him. He comes up and looks at me for a long time. I try doing a sort of waggle dance to see if he'll imitate me. I am happy beyond belief that our friendship is still strong.

JoJo and I have a heart to heart from Jay Sargent on Vimeo.

JoJo starts to swim slowly away. He waits for me to come. We swim over a small reef with a few fish. How great is this swimming way out by the reef with your dolphin friend and guide. We are buddies again and nothing could make me happier.

Magical Swim With JoJo from Jay Sargent on Vimeo.

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