Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Better But Has A Long Way To Go

Hi All,
With the nasty weather at home, I can't really complain about huge waves and wind here but, the wind is out of the West which makes for big waves rolling in toward the beach. John has a phone conference this morning so my friend Melanie and I are on our own! We hear from Miss Turquoise, the Club Med snorkel boat, that they saw JoJo as they were leaving the dock. We head toward Club Med and spot him on his way to the skiff outside of Ocean Club (OC) where he's been hanging since the injury. We have quite a time trying to set the anchor while bobbing up and down. I will admit we ended up inside the swim line but luckily didn't get the prop tangled in the swim line. JoJo I'm sure was wondering what our problem was as he watched us throwing the anchor numerous times to get it right. It took two of us trying to pull it up when I miscalculated how far the wind and waves would take us in. Every time a wave came we would get half dragged over board as the wave crested then we'd pull like mad as we went back down. After finally securing the boat in a good spot, Melanie and I got in. She got to watch JoJo as he swam around us. This is her third visit to Turks and her first spotting JoJo (not a myth!). JoJo now and again would head off and we'd climb in and start the anchor process only to have him return just as we got it up:).
JoJo and I start swimming along visiting a few people who have swum out to see him, when he heads off slowly toward Club Med. I am accompanying him as we head through the big waves. There was no way Melanie could pull the anchor by herself to follow. JoJo and I head to the Miss Turquoise and he goes under the boat. I decide I'd better return to Spy Hop which was now way off in the distance. Being out there with no boat to protect me isn't a good thing and Melanie bobbing all over isn't either! I get back and we go through the whole anchor ordeal (making me really appreciate John) and head back to find JoJo who is heading our way! I drive past him and he gets in our wake. Off we go to Turtle Cove. JoJo visits Reef Peepers then he wants to head back. I phone John to say we will be coming by OC so he can swim out to meet us.
Its great to see JoJo slowly becoming his old self. His cuts as you can see in the video are sill far from healed and he is still resting a lot or he wouldn't be hanging around the swim line as much. He has a way to go but, he does seem to be on the mend. I think traveling with other dolphins will be the next step.

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