Saturday, January 17, 2015

Day Three of the Big Gash

Hi All,
Unfortunately the wind is still way up, making the waves huge. We weren't sure if we could get out there to find him but, we did. He was beside a buoy near Seven Stars. He was just hanging there, probably sleeping. I got in with him to take a look at the gash and noticed he also has one under his fluke. The gash as the video shows, has a lot of white matter hanging out of it. I think that is a good sign even though it looks awful. He didn't seem as happy as yesterday. He was moving slower but still crater fishing successfully. He rolled in the sand but was very careful not to touch the gash. He even came to the back of the boat and thought about getting in our wake but reconsidered. He then very slowly made his way out toward the reef. We followed keeping our distance in case he wanted to be alone but there if he wanted company. A para-sail boat was out despite the heavy surf. He saw we were with him and came up. I told him JoJo was injured and asked if they would leave him alone. He promptly drove right over and JoJo slowly swam away. What a jerk if I do say so! We decided that maybe we should leave him totally alone in case we attracted any other boats.
I believe JoJo was hit by a propellor and the scrapes are from the boat running into him. We will keep monitoring him and updating his progress.


  1. Hello,
    I worked as a GO in Turks in 1985 and Jojo, a teenager then, was a big attraction for the people who were vacationning at the Club. He visited us several times a week and soon he became part of the GO team along with a Golden retriever with whom he liked to play when he was not busy flirting with women. ��

    After all these years I was sure that Jojo no longer exists. So you can imagine how happy I was when I found out last week, that he was still alive and that he has a website now, even though I saw on your video the big gash on his side. Hope he's not hurting too much.

    So, I want to thank you for keeping this blog. I will read you every day to see how he is doing.


  2. He looks a little slow moving. At least he was trying to scratch. I'm certain he feels comfort from your daily visits with him. If he only knew what he represents to so many, particularly during these difficult times the world is experiencing. Would antibiotics help?