Sunday, January 25, 2015

Where's JoJo

Hi All,
The wind is coming from the East flattening the waves to just a slight ripple. The sun is brilliant. A perfect day to see dolphins. A friend has asked to join us. She had swum with JoJo many years ago and hopes to see him today. We start our routine of traveling up and down Grace Bay checking all JoJo's favorite spots. As we get almost to Smith Reef, I look up and see a juvenile "Magnificent Frigate Bird". This is only the second one I've seen. They are pelagic and it's unusual to see them close to shore.
We keep traveling up and down occasionally making a pass out past the reef to see if there are any whales around. As we pass out in front of the Sands Resort, I see a dorsal, no I see two dorsals! I climb in hoping one is JoJo. They let me come right up to them and I find it's the ladies, Bo and Raggedy Ann (RA). As they swim along they gently brush  each other with their pecs. If I hadn't drowned the Liquid Image camera I could have gotten some great video!! After a while Bo separates from RA. She is going toward the reef. RA is heading slowly toward Pine Cay. These two mothers had calves at the same time and I've often seen them traveling together.  I figure JoJo will show up at any minute because RA is his favorite lady friend. The dolphins separate with Bo going out over the reef and RA fishing and traveling towards Pine Cay. We follow her the whole way. As we approach Pine Cay, a tour boat stops to tell us there are dolphins ahead. I'm excited! Maybe JoJo is with them. We never leave a dolphin in search of another because usually you end up with no one! As we get to the far end of Pine Cay, I see a dolphin out by the reef. I swim with RA again hoping the other dolphin is JoJo.  I never see the other dolphin I doubt I know it.  We don't find JoJo.
Our friend is dying to swim with a dolphin so we try it. She and I get in, RA comes our way then turns around and speeds away. This is at least the third year I've been swimming with her. She has gotten pretty friendly with me but unlike JoJo doesn't take to other people. 
After searching around Dellis Cay and Pine Cay more, we return to Grace Bay still hoping to find JoJo or to hear he was around. None of the captains we ask has seen him. Maybe he wanted some alone time; maybe he went out toward Crystal Bay.  I think he's okay judging from his level of activity and interaction yesterday but I'm still concerned. In any case, we plan to go out and find him tomorrow. I have an appointment with a reporter for the TCI Weekly. He is coming with us. He tells us some people on island think JoJo is a myth!!! We'll show 'em.
Raggedy Ann and Bo.

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