Monday, January 19, 2015

Day Four Big Gash

Hi All,
The waves are down somewhat and the sun shining with no clouds. We head down the coast where we last saw JoJo. "John, I would feel better if JoJo came to our boat". John points towards a buoy. He's coming to our boat!!! JoJo is in front of Ocean Club East swimming around the buoy where the Carolina skiff is moored. He is coming over to us which I think that is a good sign. That's what he usually does and yesterday he didn't yesterday feel good enough. He starts going back and forth between us and the buoy.
We spend the whole day with him. I think he likes our company and can use us to hide behind if people come out or tour boats come by and he doesn't want to be seen. In the eight hours we spent with him we had time to watch the goings on at the beach. One swimmer came all the way from shore touched the swim line 4 feet from JoJo turned and went back. He had no idea that JoJo was right beside him!! Another guy, was swimming out having a great time diving and frolicking. He came out to the swim line tied his suit to the line and proceeded to swim way out past the swim line.  He dove and froliced bare ass much to the delight of a tour boat that had been loading up on tourists and was just heading out:)) Also, much to my delight because they were so intent on watching him, they didn't notice the dolphin.
I got to watch his behavior with some other people who came out to the buoy. I told them he wanted to be alone to heal but they stayed around. He seemed to like one lady and didn't mind her company. I think what he really wanted was to be around that buoy that she stayed next to. Another guy came over and I saw JoJo open his mouth as a warning . Both he and the lady said he had been doing. I told them he was trying to tell them not to get to near or to touch him.
After eight hours, we decided to leave him on his own. I think his behavior today is a good sign. As the vet, Mark said, he is swimming slowly and trying to let his gash heal.
Until Tomorrow!!

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  1. what a relief to hear that he's perking up. Hopeful!