Friday, January 16, 2015

JoJo's Big Gash

Hi All,
The day started out with the wind coming from the West which it rarely does. I notice as we head out that I have two text messages. They both have to do with JoJo. I speak with Philip who owns Big Blue first. He tells me JoJo was injured. He doesn't know how bad or where he is. He said he was sighted at the Club Med dock yesterday evening and he had a big cut near his fluke. The other text is from Jill who has a water sport operation as well as teaching the kids who live on the island how to swim. I also call Jill she tells me apparently there was a posting on Facebook that JoJo was injured . All of this fills my heart with dread. JoJo is getting on in years. I have had animals my whole life and know that as they age, the things that happen in their youth can often be much harder to deal with as the get older.
I'm now beating myself up for going to West Caicos the day before. Maybe this wouldn't have happened if he were following our boat. So many awful things are going through my mind. Mostly please, oh please may JoJo be okay.
We approach Grace Point and I see a familiar shape heading toward our boat. I scramble to get my snorkel and fins on before jumping in to see how he is. He's found a fish, I see him crater fishing. A good sign, he is swimming ok and can eat! As I swim up to him, I see a BIG, deep gash and scrapes. This is perhaps the deepest one I've ever seen. The good news is he's acting totally normal other than not wanting to get in our wake (perhaps he should swear off that for a while).
I know many people on the Island are very concerned because there was a posting on Facebook that JoJo was hurt. I took a long video of our swim this morning that shows the gash but also shows he was crater fishing and participating in one of our games which is "Bang the Buoy". Despite the ugly gash his behavior is a good sign that he's ok. I will be looking at him everyday to see if it is healing properly. Jill gave me the number of Mark, a vet. I will talk to him if JoJo's gash doesn't heal as I hope.
Later in the afternoon, we found two of JoJo's favorite friends, Raggedy Ann and Bo. I got a great welcome from Bo who swam all around me. I had been hoping all day that they would be around and meet up with JoJo. We had got just gotten past The Sands when JoJo appeared. I think they will take good care of him.

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  1. Good work Jay. Keep us all posted. Facebook is filled with great concern over our National Treasure. JoJo's a survivor!