Thursday, January 22, 2015

Set Back Day 8

Hi All,
Maybe JoJo over did it yesterday because he hardly moved around today. When we first saw him, I really got my hopes up. He tried riding our wake but he only lasted about 100 feet. He dropped out of the wake, swam a short distance to a buoy and started swimming around it and a skiff near by.  He either swam around our boat or the buoy for at least two hours.
He then wanted to move a short way down the swim line to the next big buoy. We moved Spy Hop near the buoy and JoJo again swam around our boat and the buoy. This pattern continued most of the day. He slowly made his way down to the swim line at Ocean Club. He occasionally went to visit a tour boat didn't stay long. He seemed to like my company when he wanted to swim a little way from our boat. We went toward Bat Ray the big catamaran dive boat from Club Med. He then headed a short way toward the reef. John had been following along in Spy Hop. JoJo came back to the boat, I got in and we let our boat drift. There was a long interval where he just drifted beside our boat only surfacing to breath. I was beside myself with worry.
I'm hoping it was just a sleep pattern.  We drifted back toward the same skiff we started from eight hours earlier. He then perked up, swam to the skiff, around the buoy and back to us. We left him when a kayak came to see him and he vanished into the murky water, not wanting any visitors.
 I'm talking to Mark the vet from the island and trying to contact other dolphin experts. Thank you to all the boat captains that have been very concerned and respectful of JoJo's condition.

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