Friday, January 30, 2015

Please Help show your support of Dolphins

Sea Shepherd E-News: Call to Action - Feb 13 - World Love for Dolphins Day


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Demonstrations against Taiji’s brutal dolphin hunts to take place at Japanese Embassies and Consulates
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Dear Jessie,
On Friday, February 13, Sea Shepherd will show Japan just how much the world reveres dolphins with peaceful “World Love for Dolphins Day” demonstrations at Japanese Embassies and Consulates worldwide. For details about where demonstrations will be held around the globe, please visit our website.

You can also show your support for the dolphins by taking a “selfie” picture holding your “World Love for Dolphins” Day sign and sending it to Sea Shepherd, and be sure to tell us your first name and where you are from. We will post your selfies on our social media pages to proudly display your love for dolphins! Download the "selfie" image to print out and email to Make sure to use the #WorldLoveForDolphinsDay hashtag when posting on social media!

You can also download & print a Valentine for a dolphin and send it directly to the Embassy of Japan:
Ambassador Kenichiro Sasae
C/O The Embassy of Japan in Washington, D.C.
2520 Massachusetts Avenue, N.W.
Washington, DC 20008

Join Sea Shepherd supporters around the world and stand in solidarity with Sea Shepherd's Cove Guardians as we show our love for dolphins and call for an end to the brutal capture and slaughter of cetaceans in Taiji’s infamous cove.

From the Cove to Captivity
For six months of each year — from September until March — entire family units, or pods, of dolphins and small whales are driven into Taiji’s killing cove. The dolphins and whales face brutal slaughter, a lifetime in captivity, or in a drive just as stressful as the drive into the cove, remaining pod members must endure an exhausting drive back out to sea. Operation Infinite Patience aims to bring a permanent end to the drive hunts and slaughter.

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