Saturday, January 17, 2015

The Beautiful Bo and RA

Hi All,
Yesterday, I mentioned seeing Bo and Raggedy Ann (RA) and now I'll fill you in on what happened. As I had mentioned there was a west wind that morning. That makes the waves build toward shore unlike the off shore east wind which flattens the waves. By afternoon the wind had increased and coupled with the wind direction, it made for some big waves. We were hoping to see JoJo before heading in. Reef Peepers radioed to us that they saw a dolphin by Club Med. This worried me because in talking to Philip, he had mentioned that JoJo goes to Club Med when he's injured like the day before. I was thinking he had taken a turn for the worse. After bouncing all over to get there (John driving like a maniac because he too is so worried about JoJo), we see two dorsals amongst the huge waves. They don't look like JoJo's. I get in to find Bo and Raggedy Ann. I get a nice greeting from Bo. Then they catch a wave and are off to surf it. We find them again and they are waiting patiently for me to keep up. By this time there are kite boarders whizzing all around enjoying the strong winds. I hear a slap in the water, too close for comfort. The dolphins pump their flukes and are gone. The kite boarder had landed in the water with a loud slap which is a warning sign to a dolphin. GRRRRR can they just stay on the other side of the island where they aren't in danger of hitting a swimmer, ME or a dolphin! We find dolphins again. This time there are three!! JoJo has joined them :))) They seem to be waiting for me. I see Bo spy hop to see if I'm coming. I get in. I so want to see how they react to JoJo's gash. Not to be, a parasail boat comes rocketing up almost running over me. They all separate and take off. I don't blame them. Too much traffic. I'm disappointed. They were waiting for me until the boat disrupted us. We try to find them again but, with the glare on the water from the late afternoon sun and the large waves, its impossible. We bounce our way back to the marina.

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  1. Wow there they are! Beautiful footage. Thank You for posting!