Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Day Five Big Gash

Hi All,
I'm waiting on the dock at Blue Haven where we keep our boat when we are on Island. I hear a familiar honking sort of noise and look up to see at twenty or more gorgeous, bright pink flamingos fly over head, circle and fly away. I'm a believer in signs and I'm hoping this is a good one. So far JoJo is hurt, my camera bit the dust and our boat didn't start! John returns from Napa we don't need a new battery. A quick fix and we are off and running! I invited Jeremy a guy I met the day before through JoJo . He had swum out to see JoJo and was eager to get to know him.
We leave the marina, head down Leeward Channel and pass by Ocean Club. Once again JoJo is there and swims to our boat. We spend the day with him. He is swimming a little further down the beach than yesterday, stopping at various buoys to circle. A few people come out to see him and as before, he enlarges his circle to keep his distance. I am usually in the water with him but occasionally stay on the boat. It seems he stays away from people who are aggressive as they approach him - swimming directly and noisely at him, attempting to get within his "personal space" and sometimes trying to dive near him when he submerses. Doesn't sound PC but it's usually men who do this.  Women are usually more passive  - not approaching as closely and being more content with observing from a slightly longer distance. He seems to like this approach better.

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  1. Does it look like he's healing? The gash looks really awful in this segment. What a survivor he is! In the wild where he should be!